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You are warmly invited to join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for an encouraging and uplifting service. Everyone is welcome for tea and coffee, friendly conversation and something for morning tea after the service.

Identity  Statement

We are, and always strive to be more, God honouring, Christ following, and Holy Spirit led.

In Jesus Christ we find acceptance, community and purpose.

Weekly Bulletin

In the Community for the Community



NOTE: Motorists cannot turn RIGHT into Sixteenth Avenue. You have to turn into 17th Ave and drive around the block. 

Or turn LEFT into Sixteenth Avenue coming from the town centre.

Jaco Reyneke


People seem to be searching for purpose in their lives. Modern living can quickly fall into a deadly routine of earning money and spending it on necessities or activities that ‘make life worth living’. During various transitions in our lives (like moving into adulthood after school, going through a midlife reorientation, or retiring) and when we struggle with illness (depression or other mental health illness or mobility issues) we often wonder about our purpose. It is not always easy to feel like God’s masterpiece, who was restored in Jesus Christ, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. (Ephesians 2:10) Being the you God intended you to be whatever phase of life you are in, or whatever situation you are in, or whatever mistakes you have made, or whatever your successes are, is both easy and difficult. It is difficult when we observe societal values and highly regard societal expectations. It is easy when we observe Godly values and highly regard God’s love for us and God’s invitation to be his light wherever we go. Jesus Christ enabled us to let God transform the way we think so that we can learn to know God’s will for us, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:2)




Rev Dr Jaco Reyneke

Sermon series on St. Enoch’s’ identity statement

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