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Jaco Reyneke
God’s Love Language

Gary Chapman surmised that we all have one of five basic love languages – ways in which we best experience love shown to us. These are: words of affirmation; quality time; acts of service; gifts; touch. For someone, whose primary love language is acts of service (getting breakfast in bed and being helped with chores), receiving praise from a loved one and being told what a good job they do (words of affirmation), does not help much. It might even agitate them.

Reading the part of Isaiah’s vision, we find in Isaiah 1:10-20, it seems like God’s people totally did not understand God’s love language. They did a lot which they thought might please God, but God wanted them to do good, seek justice, help the oppressed, defend the cause of orphans and fight for the rights of widows – love God by loving others and reflecting God’s values in all we do. Primarily, it is about having a relationship with God, about being aware of and responsive to God’s presence, guidance and love.

It is important to regularly reflect on the ways in which we express our love for God and make sure we use the love language God most appreciate: letting the love we receive from God flow to others.


Jaco Reyneke

Sermon series on St. Enoch’s’ identity statement