Welcome, haere mai, talofa lava, kia orana, fakaalofa lahi atu, anyoung haseyo

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for a warm hearted, inspiring, familiar style service that will encourage you and give your faith a much needed lift. St Enoch’s has a growing, diverse congregation and a thriving Sunday School for children from toddlers to teens. 

Everyone’s welcome for tea and coffee after the Sunday service.

Beliefs inspire Behaviour

Two weeks ago, I mentioned in a Facebook post, two men who I saw picking up rubbish in Maungatapu and on the Mount. I surmise: A tidy and clean environment is important to them. They believe every person has a responsibility to keep our environment clean. That is why they pick up rubbish every morning. For others a tidy and clean environment is important too. But they believe the city council needs to keep it clean. They complain a lot about it and phone the council on a regular basis to report rubbish lying around.

What we value and what we believe to be true have an impact on our words, thoughts and actions.

Paul highly valued his relationship with God. He first believed his own efforts contributed to the quality of this relationship, but then he had an encounter with Jesus Christ and consequently believed his relationship with God is brought about and strengthened by faith. “For God’s way of making us right with himself depends on faith.” (Philippians 3:9c) This insight inspired and drove Paul to ‘press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me.’ (:12)

An essential strategy in our process of pressing on to the perfection we have in Jesus Christ is to forget the past and single-mindedly focus on the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. When we lack enthusiastic and joyful motivation to live God honouring lives of thanksgiving, we need to look at what we believe. We might have forgotten that Jesus Christ restored our relationship with God. Jesus gave us communion as a means to remind and enthuse us.


Jaco Reyneke

Our Church

For many people belonging to a Church is a vital and positive part of their lives. Church membership offers a supportive community, people with whom they hold shared values and links to a tradition and faith.


NOTE: Motorists cannot turn RIGHT into Sixteenth Avenue. You have to turn into 17th Ave and drive around the block. 

Or turn LEFT into Sixteenth Avenue coming from the town centre.

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