Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for a warm hearted, inspiring, familiar style service that will encourage you and give your faith a much needed lift. St Enoch’s has a growing, diverse congregation and a thriving Sunday School for children from toddlers to teens. 

Everyone’s welcome for tea and coffee after the Sunday service.

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For many people belonging to a Church is a vital and positive part of their lives. Church membership offers a supportive community, people with whom they hold shared values and links to a tradition and faith.

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NOTE: Motorists cannot turn RIGHT into Sixteenth Avenue. You have to turn into 17th Ave and drive around the block. 

Or turn LEFT into Sixteenth Avenue coming from the town centre.

“I will always be your God”

Today so many things promise to be life changing. This diet, winning that money, this knowledge, getting that job, that book, these principles, that technique, this habit, that mindset…will be life changing. These things might bring changes in our lives, but I do not believe they are, or can ever be, truly life changing.

The only truly life changing event is entering into a relationship with God. That changes our identity. We then become people of God, people of the agreement (covenant). The vital question to ourselves is therefore: “Do I believe God promised me to always be my God?” This question requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. As soon as we start qualifying our answers, we do not understand the agreement (covenant) God made with us. God did not ask us to be perfect people. God knows our flaws. There is no part time option either – we are in or out. We are able to become party to this extraordinary agreement because of what Jesus Christ did for us.

Knowing God will always be our God empowers us with hope, transcends daily living, gives us fortitude and gratitude, and the boldness to be with God. How privileged we are!


Jaco Reyneke

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