Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for a warm hearted, inspiring, familiar style service that will encourage you and give your faith a much needed lift. St Enoch’s has a growing, diverse congregation and a thriving Sunday School for children from toddlers to teens. 

Everyone’s welcome for tea and coffee after the Sunday service.

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For many people belonging to a Church is a vital and positive part of their lives.


Church membership offers a supportive community, people with whom they hold shared values and links to a tradition and faith.

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NOTE: Motorists cannot turn RIGHT into Sixteenth Avenue. You have to turn into 17th Ave and drive around the block. 

Or turn LEFT into Sixteenth Avenue coming from the town centre.

Jaco Reyneke
Healing Faith

Blind, poor, and despised he strategically sat beside the road leading to one of the main entrances of the popular town Jericho. Having to depend on people’s compassion to survive, made life hard and uncertain for him. As an excited crowd approached his position, he heard it was the man called Jesus and his followers who caused the stir. His belief that Jesus is the Messiah and the hope that He can help him, let the beggar call out loudly. “Shut up!” many condescendingly shouted at him with an attitude of ‘who are you to impose on Jesus’. But he persisted…and Jesus stopped. After Jesus said: “Go, for your faith has healed you.”, the man could see. 

The restoration of his sight changed his world. He was now able to live a full life and not just exist. From that point on life was not perfect or easy, but he could live because he could see. And he started following the Way. A literal translation of Mark 10:52b would be ‘And immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus in the way’. His relationship with God was restored. What a powerful story this man had to tell people!

We need to remember we were blind but now can see. Through Jesus, we are healed and able to live a full life because our relationship with God was restored. What a story we have to tell. Never stop noticing and telling people about God’s love and the adventure of following Jesus in the way.


Jaco Reyneke